CRUFTs 2010

As I have not exhibited this breed for quite a few years I was unsure of the quality I would receive on the day. However, as it unfolded I can honestly say I was astounded at the state of the breed today, at time words failed me.

Just general basic presentation & cleanliness was lacking, even a bad dog deserves to be presented well.

Many dogs from overseas feature in my placings, in fact all four top honours went to dogs from or bred in canada, Germany, Russia & Spain, does this not say something about the breed here in the UK?

One or two other things concerned me about this lovely breed, quite a few had light eyes, poor underjaws, poorer constructed rears to the point of very little deviation from thigh to hocks (ie should be stilfles, well turned with low set of hock) this was lacking in many.

Topline's in many I found totally wrong, many dipped quite considerably behind the withers & very few with the gently rise to the loin. A bobtail should never have a dipping topline in my opinion.

I am led to believe that some exhibitors were complaining that I moved the dogs too much, surely this can't be right after all this breed was bred to drive sheep to the market many miles away, certainly 200 yards for each dog on the day is not asking too much, after all we are to reward the dogs that are fit for function & fit for life?

VD (6,2a)

1. Morris' Ch Dalewood Hocus Pocus, well coated dog that was quite well balanced throughout, carrying a profuse jacket of reasonable texture, good head properties with a dark eye, well prepared & presented, good rearquarters that propelled him but could be firmer in front action.

2. Lord's Galumphing Of Infinite Jest, another nice dog that had most things in the right place but not the finish of overall appearance to 1. Good head with good pigment, just enough neck, good bodily condition, reasonable proportions, moved OK, presented in good clean order.

3. Allan's Oldoak Apple Dumpling at Bialowieza, quite a nice dog but not the finish of the above two. Oldest in the class to compete with plenty of zest & gave a good performance, good active mover, presented in good clean order.

PD (4)

1. Kanales & Backhouse's Aryakas Ikaros at Noggybanks, very chunky puppy that was well developed throughout. Needs to grow a touch more in leg to give a better balance. Lots to like about this youngster, best of jackets for his age & a very positive mover, in excellent coat & condition. BP

2. Georgion's Jeddep Male Model, more up on the leg than 1 but struggled on the move at times, needs to gain more composure when moving. Very well balanced with a good head, nice eye, ample neck, jacket coming through but not the abundance of 1.

3. Harris' Beauvallon Lothario, well constructed & strongly made, not quite the firmness of the above, but he was only young, nicely headed. Would prefer a darker eye. Ample neck, firm body, in good clean condition.

JD (2)

1. Farndale's Meadowbears True Blue, well made dog that looked the part, quite well balanced with a nice deportment, very well presented to gain top spot, pleased in head, good forehand but needs to develop more in forechest. Covered in a good quality jacket that's coming through nicely, quite a good mover.

2. Laybourne & Johnson's Mellowdee The Magician in Dominoesdale, nice dog to go over with lots to like, good rear action but rather restricted in forward reach. Very well handled & presented in good clean order.

YD (4,1a)

1. Duffin-Penney & Penney's Longdorham Follow The Dream, this is a dog for the future, he has all the attributes to attain his title, lovely shape with a really quality jacket, impressive head with a good arched neck, first class ribbing, what impressed me about this dog was his rear nice & wide without any sign of weakness, put in a good performance with a presentation to match, prepared in pristine condition.

2. Haynes & Musgrove's Brinkley We Will Rock You, nice dog but not the size of 1. Good head. Would have liked a darker eye. Good neck & forechest, nicely bodied for a youngster, moved out well but not the rear of 1 or finish, but time is on his side.

3. Cossin's Wilbamil War Of The Worlds, dog that needs to mature more to gain a higher placing, reasonably well balanced throughout, with a good dark eye. Underjaw needs to develop more. Good neck & front assembly, put in a good performance & was quite well prepared but coat needs to clear more.

PGD (11)

1. Reed & Thulborn's Charmlea Blue Moon, nice shape dog with a good coloured jacket, quite a positive mover with a good defined hock, sadly missing in the breed today, good head but over back combed for me. Dark eye, ample neck with a good forehand, reasonable rearquarters, active gaiting action.

2. Cheshire's Molyneux Smooth Operator, very nice dog that had more substance than 1 but less appealing shape due to preparation. Good large skull with strong underjaw, good bodily proportions, firm rear going away, in good clean order.

3. Palmer's Breedonhill Juhannus For Hazyland, good headed dog with good pigment and strong underjaw, just enough neck with good bone & feet, compact bodily, quite a free gaiting action.

LD (17,1a)

1. Huggan's Mirene What's It All About at Jazziespad, not a big dog but quite a lot to like, but not the handling. Covered in a harsh jacket of good quality, good free mover with a good forward reach, quite compact in profile, in good order.

2. Semmelroth's Aryakas Hercules, this is a dog I really liked for his total honesty, he was strong, compact & well balanced, but he lacked coat finish, if had that coat on the day he would have won the class. Very firm action both fore & aft, well handled.

3. Kanales & Bushell's Aryakas Geocosmic, nice dog with a good covering, slightly long cast than two above, lovely head with good pigment, in very clean condition.

OD (18,3)

1. Leonhardt's Dutch/Ger Ch The One And Only v d Blue zottels, dog that won BIS under me at The Euro Bobtail show last May, so no surprise there, this is how I remember now bobtails used to be, big, strong, compact with an abundance of correct quality coat. I am not going to go on about this dog as his qualities are there for all to see. CC

2. Findlay's Ch Just For Fun de Bayroeth de Eden, another dog I really liked, very steady free moving dog that was very pleasant to go over & to view, I thought this dog could if handled better have troubled the winner to a competition, but this was not to be. RCC

3. Belyaeva's Ch/Rus/Est/Fin Ch Aryakas Filippos, really lovely dog but not quite the finish of the above two, but sits very well in this company. Very strong in the rearquarters & firm front action.

GCD (5)

1. Mirene What's It All About At Jazziespad

2. Gould's Kerjalee Hot Toddy at Sutranzo, quite a nice specimen but carrying far too much weight which impaired his movement. Lovely quality jacket covering a lovely spring of rib on this dog, in very clean & well groomed condition.

3. Laybourne & Johnson's Dobden Diamond Geezer In Dominoesdale, large dog that needs more coat to complete the picture. Dark eye with a strong underjaw, ample neck. Touch upright in shoulder, good rise, moved with purpose.

VB (6,1a)

1. Castle's Ellibell It's A Hard Life at Molyneux, coming up to 9 years next month & a credit to her owner for keeping her in such condition, nothing offended, quite well balanced throughout, good positive mover for her age, good quality jacket.

2. Mills' Mopill Something Amazing, 8 years bitch that was a little lethargic on the move but quite precise, good coat covering & well prepared.

3. Tibbe's Int Ch Y'Wild Thing Of Snowboot Bears, over 10 years & still looking good but outdone by younger females, strongly built yet still feminine to view, positive on the move.

PB (7,1a)

1. Tirados Serrano's On Memories of Bayroeth De Eden, clean outline on this nicely shaped puppy, very good head with a nice eye, ample neck & good front, compact bodily, good rearquarters with good hocks, needs to grow a little more coat to complete the picture, needs to be aware of the challenge for BP in the end as she was rushed & this did not help.

2. Harris & Grover's Beauvallon Sweetheart, another sweet bitch but not quite the shape of 1 or the compactness. Nevertheless a nice bitch to go over, balanced head with a good eye, ample neck, well sprung ribbing, firm mover, good clean order.

3. Noyce's Zottels Topsy Turvy at Lammorick, nice shape but could do with a fraction more neck. Good shape, strongly headed yet feminine, good spring to ribbing, good rear but a touch close on the move. Excellent clear jacket.

JB (7,1a)

1. Peskovatskov's Callipygian Venus Of Abigal Grace, a most beautiful bitch with a lovely shape, very feminine to view, very well balanced & compact in body, nicely headed, good arched neck & forehand, very good mover with a very good reach & drive, well presented.

2. Bull's Valleydell Jezebel, quality bitch that was not quite as compact & shaped as 1. Her coat is her glory & plenty of it, deep ribbing with a  firm stout loin, good rearquarters but could move a little wider behind, In tip-top condition.

3. Sculthorp's Greyfell Dance Again, nice bitch, pleased in most departments, very feminine & quite sound. More effort could possibly produce better results.

YB (6,1a)

1. Peskovatskov's Callipygian Venus Of Abial Grace.

2. Gaines' Charmlea First Embrace, quite a nice bitch but not up on her toes like 1. Covered in a good jacket that was too much back combed. Good shoulder, firm body, workmanlike gaiting action, in good clean condition.

3. Millward's Wilbamil Worlds Apart, nice bitch that was unspoilt, pleasing shape, nicely headed but would have preferred a darker eye. Just enough neck, nice front assembly, good coat covering, compact bodily, moved well but a touch close behind. Presented in good bloom.

PGB (10,1a)

1. Harris' Aryakas Genesis at Beauvallon, most beautiful & very honest bitch, strong yet feminine, nice shape & a very good precise mover with a good reach & driving action, well balanced head with a good eye, needs only time to mature to complete the picture, covered in a quality jacket, in excellent condition.

2. McEwan & Goddard's Oakfarm Day Dream Believing, very nice bitch but beat today on forward reach & just a better coat particularly in density. Good shape with a nice head, deep pigment, good bodily condition, could change places if view differently, in very clean order.

3. Wilson's Zottels Onwards N Upwards, nice bitch to bring up this trio of good bitches, however, does not have quite the rear drive of the two above. Nevertheless a very nice bitch with lots to like, feminine to view, good jacket but needs to clear somewhat to give a better picture.

LB (11,3a)

1. Bailey & Titheridge's Zottels Noblesse Oblige, not a small bitch but a very honest bitch that excels in many ways, nice shape with a strong head but would prefer a darker eye. Good arched neck with a super forehand, good firm ribbing, good hard rearquarters that propels her around so effortlessly, covered in a very harsh jacket, in good clean order.

2. Churcher & Tomes' Brinkley Peggy Sue, smaller framed bitch that was very feminine but tended to stand a touch narrow in front at times. Wuite compact & held her own in this class, compact bodily, good coat covering but not quite the quality of 1 in that department. In good order.

3. Wakefield's Hibray Jasmin, very nice bitch that I felt was a touch over coated & this spoilt her natural shape, but what was underneath was quality. Very good on the move, pleasing head with a good balance, presented in good clean order.

OB (17,5a)

1. Panzer's Lightning's tequilla Sunrise, first judged this bitch in Long Beach, California in December & she left a lasting impression on me then as she does today, what you see is what you get, everything about her is sheer quality, her movement is a joy to watch, which is so effortless, never stand wrongly, the presentation is an object lesson in itself & one that you could learn from to better your dogs chances of winning. CC & BOB.

2. Grigoryan's Rus Ch Griland Beauty Bear, this bitch has come on since I awarded her best bitch at the Euro Bobtail show in May 2009, I do think she is something special, nicely sized & very compact pretty as a picture & so well balanced, I could without doubt have given her the CC but there is only one to give out. Presented & prepared to perfection another lesson on coat preparation. RCC

3. Bradley's Ch Hibray Jewel, good honest bitch from this famous kennel that you come to expect, not the finish of the above two bitches, but underneath is some quality to be had. Nicley headed & feminine, good bodily proportions, good firm rear & a positive front action.

GCB (4)

1. Oakfarm Day Dream Believing

2. Winson's Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade, good type, quite feminine but outclassed in OB due to the rigorous competition she came across. Good mover in both direction, I thought she had not got the finish of 1 in this class.

Steve Hall.

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