CRUFTs 2011

Thank you all for the wonderful entry. Having been in the breed for nearly 40 years, I feel there have been many changes and not all for the better. The biggest change is the amount of scissoring and trimming and as it states in the breed standard the natural outline should not be artificially changed by scissoring or clipping. A lot are also taking out most of the undercoat this is needed to make the long guard hair stand up naturally and would have been very important when the Bobtail were used by drovers.

The undercoat was necessary in the inclement weather conditions to protect the dogs as without this they would not be fit for function. If the undercoat is not taken out usually through incorrect grooming practices, backcombing in the rear coat would not be necessary. Coat colours generally correct but texture of some is very soft and coat dressings and other products can be found in some. Movement is a concern as many cannot move soundly and with drive, cow-hocked can also be seen on the move and standing. We are getting quite a few dogs that have very little or no muscle on the rear thighs.

This breed should be able to work all day, many would not last for long free running. Toenails are a giveaway as to how much road exercise is given, many were very long. Eyes, these are dark but still quite a few shades lighter than in the 1970's when I started, the pigmentation on eyes and mouth was good, teeth and bites were correct, temperament I was very pleased to find that there were no bad tempered or nervous dogs. 

VD (2,1)

1.Lord's Galumphing Of Infinite Jest. A gentleman of 8 1/2 years who did not look his age, good head with nice eyes, bite and muzzle, going into a nice neck and shoulders and top line, moved well, coat of good texture and length.

SPD (6,1)

1. Bailey & Allan's Zottels Valentino With Allmark. A big upstanding dog for his age of 13 months, with a broad skull good eyes well pigmented correct mouth, all going in to a nice neck and shoulders, short coupled producing a sound back end, with neat hocks, coat changing well vand of a correct texture moved well in this class, but when comingback to challenge for Best Puppy, did not go around the ring so well.

2. Richardson's Mirene Mad About You At Storinblu. Lovely young man nice head and neck going into well laid back shoulders. lovely top line going into a gentle rise well muscled rear, neat hocks. Did not settle on the move as well as 1.

3. Leggett's Millwinkie Magic Moon At Meldale. Well grown 13 month with large head straight front well off for bone and coat of a good colour also needs to settle on the move

SJD (5)

1. Tirado Serrano's Quality Dreams Of Bayroeth De Eden (ATC AL01102ESP). 16 months nice head with one lovely blue eye, good muzzle and bite arched neck going into good shoulder placement flowing into a short coupling and a rising loin with a sound rear good turn of stifle and neat hocks correct movement, beautifully presented.

2. Taylor & Woods' Shingdeka Dairkest Peru At Bumblebob. Great head neck and shoulders, straight front and plenty of bone, well sprung ribs, good top line going into a sound rear to produce good movement, plenty of coat of correct texture. What a shame the handler did not make the most of it.

3. Higgins & Young's Ladamis Colonel Custard. Good head eyes and dentition good reach of neck and shoulder placement, well bodied moved and showed well.

YD (3)

1. Deskiewicz's Mellowdee Man In The Mirror. Large head with darkest of eyes, and strong muzzle good dentition straight front going in to nice reach of neck. Well bodied good top line, good turn of stifle coat coming through moved well and nicely presented.

2. Laybourne & Johnson's Mellowdee The Magician In Dominoesdale. Brother to 1 and has the same worthy attributes. Good head neck and shoulders. Moved well, nicely presented. I am sure these will change places many times.

3. Higgins & Young's Ladamis Colonel Custard.

PGD (8,2)

1. Kanales & Backhouse's Aryakas Ikaros At Noggybanks.Very striking young man good size head with lovely square jaw good dentition great neck shoulders and front with a rise over the loins. Good turn of stifle and neat hocks. A profuse coat of correct colour and texture. One to watch for the future but the handler must watch how she sets him up.

2. Windsor's Holanja The Wild One. This is one I have judged before and has not disappointed me, he is maturing into a very nice dog, good head reach of neck and straight front with a rising top line to a sound backend coat of good texture, lost to winner on movement today.

3. Adcock's Amblehart Thief Of Time. Another lovely dog with a great head, dark eyes, nice neck and top line coat a shade darker than those above him but of good quality.

LD (13,3)

1. Beirendonk-Lembrechts' Incognito Of Snowboot Bears (ATC AM00288BEL) This young man hit all the right notes for me. He demanded attention the moment he entered the ring. A truly capacious skull with neat well set ears, darkest of eyes, square muzzle with good dentition, straight forelegs well off for bone, all going into a long gently arched neck with well laid back shoulders, good spring of rib deep brisket, short coupled and going into a rise with good angulation, great muscle tone on the rear quarters, secong thigh well developed and well turned stifle, neat hocks. All this produces one of the best movers of the day. Coat of a true silver blue and course texture. My CC winner who beat the Open Dog on movement.

2. Kanales & Bushell's Aryakas Geocosmic. Quite a tussle between 1st and 2nd. This dog was a strong contender for top honours, unfortunately not so animated as 1st at the crucial moment. A pleasure to feel such firm well toned body and muscled under my hands this type of condition only comes with a maturity and cannot be rushed. A true bobtail with sound movement, Beautifully presented.

3. Reed & Thulborn's Charmlea Blue Moon. Another top quality dog completing a trio of youngsters. With all the necessary attributes. Coat of good texture however did not appear to settle in this atmosphere on the move.

OD (11,2)

1. Bailey's Ch Zottel's No Biz Like Show Biz. A truly worthy Champion, who I have judged before, in top condition, capacious head good eyes strong jaw and good mouth. Well arched neck and straight front, good shoulder placement, spring of rib, nice top line going into a good rise with well angled quarters with plenty of muscle and good hocks, coat of a harsh texture and a colour. This dog is a delight to be priviledgedto go over. Today this gentleman would not move freely for his handler (as I know he can). RCC

2. Jonsson & Wallstrom's Cib/Fiuch Dizzny'z Taxi Driver. Another beautiful dog that I have judged before, but unfortunately today it appeared to me that he had been trimmed and this disappointed me greatly which spoilt the natural outline. Superb head eyes and mouth. With a lovely arched neck and great shoulder placement, deep brisket. Short coupled correct top line and rise, well muscled second thigh with good angulation which showed in his ultra sound movement.

3. Kanales' Grk Ch Aryakas Fotios (ATC AL00166GRC). A slightly smaller dog than the 2 above never the less a great dog and worthy of his placing, with a head of good size nice eyes and correct dentition, arched neck going into layback of shoulders. Short coupled with a good spring of rib, nice rise, well angulated rear and turn of stifle well let down hocks. Moved soundly coat of correct colour and texture.

GCDS (5)

1. Gould's Kerjalee Hot Toddy At Sutranzo ShCM.

2. Huggan's Mirene What's It All About At Jazziespad.

3. Laybourne & Johnson's Dobden Diamond Geezer In Dominoesdale ShCM.

VB (6,3)

1. Roswell & Tobias' Ch/Aust Ch Henley Dancing Belle (IMP). This 8 year old lady is a wonderful representative for the breed with so much to like, coat is as good as any her age, the soundest of movement beautifully presented.

2. Winson's Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade JW ShCM. Another worthy Champion who at her 7 years is a great speciment of the breed.

3. Hudson's Bovaron Pennies From Heaven At HalfNhalf ShCM.

SPB (7,1)

1. Crane-Duplock & Duplock's Mirene Honky Tonk Angel. What a little angel, lovely head with neat ears dark eyes good pigmentation, and correct dentition well arched neck, lovely layback of shoulders good top line and rise into a sound rear, with nice angulation to produce the soundest of movement coat well advanced for age. BP

2. Jones & Harris' Beauvallon Artemis With Amityoak. A nice young lady very much a baby in the class. Good head eyes and mouth, straight front, arched neck, nice rise sound rear that is well muscled, moved with ease, coat still has to change.

3. Wilkinson's Kalaju Klassic Dream. Well grown for age. Lovely head eyes good neck and shoulders, all going into a sound well muscled secong thigh and neat hocks. Moved well.

SJB (3)

1. Haldane's Brinkley Jonny's Girl With Kayellnjay. Headed a class of 3, all at different stages of development this young lady took the class with her maturity and true breed characteristics and so sound movement.

2. Frean Perez's Quartz Blue Of Bayroeth De Eden JW10 (ATC AL01144ESP). This is a very glam young lady, with a striking outline, correct head neck & shoulders, well angled quarters and sound movement coat of a lovely colour.

3. Oakes' Oldoak New Tricks. A very feminine lady completes the trio of juniors, lovely head neck and shoulders moved with ease. Coat still changing.

YB (6,1)

1. Harris & Grover's Beauvallon Sweetheart. The sweetheart of the class for me and has the added advantage of such expression that draws you in and makes it impossible to overlook, very mature for age, with a truly capacious skull darkest eyes and correct dentition, straight front, correct layback of shoulders all going into gently arched quarters moved with drive, one to watch for in the future. Well presented.

2. Mills' Kerjalee Showgirl Moments. What a showgirl in top condition slightly smaller than winner but has everything in proportion, good head eyes, mouth, great front and neck, strong rear quarters with sound movement. Well presented.

3. Wileman's Jeddep Top Model For Lindisfarm. Very similar in size to 2nd, nice head neck shoulders good top ime moves well, coat changing nively.

PGB (11)

1. Bull's Valleydell Jezebel. This young lady caught my attention and was well up in the challenge. So compact, with a good head and darkest of eyes nice dentition and great pigmentation, good front neck & shoulders, gently rached quarters that are well rounded & muscled, neat hocks that produced a effortless action. Presented in top condition I am sure we will hear much of her in the future.

2. Millward's Wilbamil Worlds Apart. This young lady I have judged before and how she has matured very unlucky to meet winner, again a good head of substantial size with dark eyes, arched neck and correct shoulder placement, good top line and rise going to, turn of stifle, moved with ease.

3. Powell's Pouchymo Pins And Needles. A really old fashioned OES with the lovely head markings that produce outstanding pigmentation great head neck and shoulders all going into superb rear quarters with free flowing movement.

LB (8,1) Another hard class where the first 3 could change places and I really had to slit hairs for the placings.

1. Bailey's Zottel's Quintessence. This lady caught my eye and drew me in each time I looked her way capacious skull dark eyes swan like arched neck straight front good lay back of shoulder and short coupled with rising angles over the loin. Well muscled 2nd thigh that produces sound driving movement, coat of correct colour and texture presented to the highest of standards, RCC.

2. Gaines' Charmlea First Embrace. Another outstanding girl that has so many great features very similar to winner great head, one wonderful blue eye nicely arched neck, and correct front nice shoulders and layback, with good spring of rib and good angles over the rise moved sound and true.

3. Harris's Aryakas Genesis At Beauvallon JW. This young lady is of outstanding quality but needs to grow her jacket a little and the tables could easily be turned, very capacious skull, darkest of eyes with a gently arched neck, rear quarters that give a lovely rise, 2nd thigh leads to neat hock to produce one of the better movers of the day. A coat of exptreme harshness.

OB (16,7) This class had a wealth of outstanding bitches unfortunately worthy winners went without placing.

1. Ford's Ir Ch Oakfarm Gypsy Rose At Clenmaen. My find of the day, what an outstanding girl. Who came in to her own on the move and put that extra wow factor in for me and out classed the entry to take the CC. I can only say that everything about her was what I expected of a Crufts BOB winner. Beautifully presented and what a performance she put in when in the group. CC & BOB.

2. Bailey & Titheridge'sZottels Noblesse Oblige. THis bitch I have always admired but today there was not the normal sparkle. Never the less she has a great head eyes and dentition, super arched neck, straight front, with layback of shoulders and deep brisket lovely rise with turn of stifle and very sound movement. Good colour and texture coat, well presented, in good order. 

3. Bradley's Ch Hibray Jewel. A beautiful bitch worthy of her title. Lovely head, eyes and bite, good neck and shoulders short coupled with a good rise over the gently arched quarters and ultra sound movement. Coat of correct texture and colour presented in top condition.

GCBS (3,1)

1. Winson's Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade JW ShCM.

2. Hudson's Bovaron Pennies From Heaven At HalfNhalf ShCM.

Sally Duffin-Penney.

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