CRUFTs 2009

I was thrilled to have such a marvellous entry. Lots of absentees, of course, but still many lovely dogs from such a wide variety of countries. I appreciated the hours of work which had gone into the conditioning and coat preparation.

VD (9,4a)

1. Gent's Sumirick Beam Me Up Scotty, looking very good for 9 years, good balance & shape, nice width of jaw & nose, good coat.

2. Evans' Breedonhill Gem Connection, neat dog of 8 years without quite the finish of 1 but moved out well & did his owner proud.

3. Henriksen's Halfnhalf Dream Ticket, marvellous to think he will be 11 in May. Small dog with pleasing eyes & pigment, good front, moved soundly.

PD (4)

1. Duffin-Penney's Longdorham Follow The Dream, well grown, pleasing head, good neck & shoulders, pleasing front, legs & feet, well coupled, moved soundly. BP

2. Cheshire's Molyneux Smooth Operator, good body, rib & bone, nice topline, well let down behind, good coat for age.

3. Grigoryan's Sweet Expression's Man of the Match, neat dog, very good shape with nice rise, good front & limbs, nice width in thighs. His bite is borderline at present.

JD (5)

1. Kanales & Bushell's Aryakas Geocosmic, I liked this youngster very much, good head, splendid front, good bone, legs & feet, nice topline with rise, coat coming well, good well muscled quarters.

2. Semmelroth's Aryakas Hercules, slightly rangier dog who will need time to knit together. Good head, eyes & pigment, pleasing forehand, well let down behind. Coat not as forward as 1.

3. Jones' Wenallt Wonder Boy, neat, sound moving boy, not just the scope in front as above but very typical, pleasing head.

YD (11,3)

1. Bailey's Zottel's No Biz Like Showbiz, very good youngster, full of promise, so well balanced, pleasing head with good teeth, good forehand, nice bone, legs & feet, great outline, looked well standing & moving.

2. Koroknai's Bottom Shaker My Secret, impressive dog, good eyes & pigment, pleasing neck, shoulders & front, nice outline, very good thighs, moved out well.

3. Adcock's Amblehart Thief Of Time, not as finished as those above but sound, shapely & typical.

PGD (15,3)

1. Townley's Bluevonley Bobby Dazzler, very nice dog to go over, nothing much wrong but a little more expertise in presentation would help. Most of the time the best mover in the class.

2. Huggan's Mirene What's It All About at Jazziespad, also pleasing but in between stages, nicely balanced, moved soundly.

3. Brown's Hillndale Samuel Whiskers, very good body, rib & bone, nice legs & feet. Not just as shapely but very typical.

LD (15,4)

1. Rutland's Mellowdee Major Tom, very stylish, pleasing head, good neck, shoulders & outline, nice front, legs & feet, moved well.

2. Gould's Kerjalee Hot Toddy at Sutranzo, lovely head, very good chest, body & rib, strong thighs, good coat. Could have a touch more reach of neck but a nice sound dog.

3. Findlay's Just For Fun de Bayroeth de Eden, good body, rib & bone, excellent coat texture. Just a little unsettled.

OD (24,6a)

Very good class.

1. Semmelroth's Lux Ch Rollingview Shaggy Blue Zorbas, top class dog, good head, eyes & mouth, so well balanced, good front, legs & feet, well balanced, compact, good strong quarters, moved & showed well, in excellent coat, well presented. CC

2. Antl & Kanales'Ch/Aus Ch Aryakas Cosmo Junior, I still think he is a top-class dog, great to go over, excellent body & rib, excellent coat & condition, good head, full of expression. RCC

3. Goddard's Ch Brinkley American Pie, another top class dog as were so many behind him. A good masculine dog, competely sound & very shapely.

GCD (7,1a)

1. Kerjalee Hot Toddy at Sutranzo

2. Mirene What's It All About at Jazziespad

3. Laybourne & Johnson's Dobden Diamond Geezer in Dominoesdale, well grown, needs a little more substance but a good active dog who pressed for a place in his earlierclass. Pleasing head & eyes.

VB (6,2a)

1. Castle's Elliebell It's A Hard Life at Molyneux, most attractive typical bitch who looked well for nearly 8 years, in good coat, moved well.

2. Townley's Zottels Diamonds Are Forever at Bluevonley, very nice, 7 years, well made, pleasing front, well made hindquarters.

3. Powell's Pouchymo Stitch In Time, looked extremely well for 10 years, coat in really good condition, pleasing head very expressive. 1& 2 just had it on the move.

PB (4)

1. Duffin-Penney's Longdorham's Alexis Dream, litter sister to the BP. Promising baby, pleasing head, good neck, shoulders & outline, good bone, legs & feet.

2. Serrano's Millions Dollar Baby, also promising to go over & moved out well but rather naughty standing. Particularly good over the rump & thighs.

3. Castle's Molyneux could It Be Magic, at the leggy stage but has the scope to finish well. Good forehand, showed well presenting a good outline.

JB (9)

1. Harris' Aryakas Genesis at Beauvallon, lovely prospect with lots of promise. Good head, pleasing forehand, good outline & hindquarters.

2. McEwan & Goddard's Oakfarm Day Dream Believing, also promising, good bone, legs & feet, well bodied, good coat. Just needs time.

3. Bailey's Zottels Once Upon A Time, coat needs to clear & not as yet as co-ordinated on the move as 1 & 2, but well grown, good bone, well bodied & generally looks promising.

YB (10,2a)

1. Bailey & Titheridge's Zottels Noblesse Oblige, lovely bitch, good head, pleasing neck, shoulders, front, legs & feet, very shapely, slendid hindquarters, moved & showed well.

2. Little's Amblehart Annagramma at Bobbington, very pleasing to go over, good forehand construction, excellent coat texture, feminine. Not just the style on the move as 1.

3. Barnes' Macopa Truly Tempting, good feminine bitch, pleasing neck & front, lost her shape a bit on the move.

PGB (14)

1. Crane-Duplock & Duplock's Mirene Touch of Class, short coupled feminine bitch, good head & expression, pleasing bone, legs & feet, lovely broad well developed backend, good coat texture.

2. Churcher & Tomes' Brinkley Peggy Sue, I also liked very much. Good neck, shoulders & outline, well boned, good front, legs & feet

3. Miller's Molyneux Band of Gold at Millwinkie, well coupled, pleasing head, good neck & shoulders. Needs a little more coat to finish the picture.

LB (14,4a)

1. Joice's Brinkley Sofia of Raynham, very pleasing & feminine, ggod shape, nice neck going well into well laid shoulders, good front, legs & feet. Good uncomplicated bitch who did her best & always looked well.

2. Tomes' Brinkley Sheza Star, excellent bitch but something had upset her & she reacted to it. Lovely head, well made & very shapely. Has quality.

3. Reynolds' Cillastyle Cotton Candy, neat, feminine, very nice forehand, well coupled, good coat & condition.

OB (32,15a)

Even with the 15 absent this was a fantastic class. I made a reasonable sized shortlist & even then left out good ones who can win on their day. However, I had no doubt who the on the day was.

1. Wallstrom & Cujdik's Am Ch Villas Cruella at Dizzny, she really was stunning, lots of quality, so beautifully made which was demonstrated by that superb movement. Add this to her perfect balance & shape, good feminine head, pretty coat well conditioned & great character & you have a star, & I so enjoyed the way she was handled. CC & BOB, it was a great thrill to see her win the group.

2. Grigoryan's Rus Ch Griland Beauty Bear, smaller feminine bitch but again that lovely shape & balance & she too shone both standing & moving. She was in spendid form & well handled to take RCC.

3. Kanales' Gre Ch Rollingview Aryakas Elektra, she is also gorgeous & full of quality but needs a little more time for her coat to come to its best.

GCB (5,1a)

1. Oakfarm Day Dream Believing

2. Winson's Meisan Moonlight Serenade, very pleasing neck, shoulders & front, shapely. Could have carried a little more condition to advantage on the day.

3. Hudson's Beauvallon Treasure Trove for Halfnhalf, has put on a little extra weight but spendid body & rib, did her best moving, dense coat.

Ferelith Somerfield.

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