14th April 2013 Open Show Judge Leo Zoumpoulidis (Greece)

                                                 THE OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG CLUB
                                                     OPEN SHOW  - 14TH APRIL 2013
                                             JUDGE MR. LEO ZOUMPOULIDIS (GREECE)
It was my pleasure and honour to be invited to judge The Old English Sheepsdog Club (ParentClub) Open Show on this special 125th Years special celebration of the club.
I really enjoyed my judging and I was really pleased I had the opportunity to meet such great people.
I would like to thnk the committee who did a wonderful job in organizing the show and of course to all the people who helped me during the show.  Also, I would like to thank ll the exhbitors that put entries in for me so that I was able to assess their dogs.  Also for making the atmosphere at the show excellent.
I was pleased with the beautiful dogs and bitches which were in excellent condition.  I really fell in love with a puppy bitch named Regalbliss Lady Off Mellowdee that finally was my Best In Show.
I wish you all success with your dogs and good health and happiness.
Thank you to you all.
Lykourgos Zoumpoulidis 

                 Best Dog & Best Opp Sex  -  Dr A Hodgson & Mrs K Brager Rankin  Jeddep Hairy Biker
                                    Res Best Dog - Mrs V Leggett  Millwinki Magic Moon At Meldale
Best Bitch. Best Puppy & Best In Show - Mrs S Rutland Regalbliss Lady Of Mellowdee
                            Res Best Bitch & Res Best Bitch - Mrs D Castle Molyneux Mysterious Girl
                      Res. Best Puppy -  Ms M Barton & T Hollis  Amblesea Trailing Rose At Amblehay

1st Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade JW,ShCM - Nine year old quality strong bitch.  In very good condition, with strong head. Dark Eyes. Good topline and good bones.  Good coat of quality texture and very nice on the move for her age.
2nd Macopa Dark Storm - A strong dog with good head proportions  Good strong muzzle with correct bite.  Dark eyes.  Robust body.  Would prefer a better movement on the front. But an excellent dog for age.

1st  Jeddep Hairy Biker - Strong head with dark eys.  Good lay of neck leading to good shoulders.  Good topline and rear angulation.  Again with good movement.

1st Molyneux The Magic Is You - Strong dog with good head with correct bite.  I would preer a better neck.  Good body.  Good Movement.
2nd  Kalaju King Of Kool - Narrow head.  Neck well arched.  Good angulations.  I would prefer the movement not to be so close.  Coat still needs to change to obtain the correct texture.

1st  Millinki Magic Moon At Meldale - Dog of very good size with strong head.  Dark eyes and good bite.  Strong body with good harsh coat texture.  I would prefer a better neck and drive in movment.
2nd  Shingdeka Dairkest Peeu At Bumblebob - Good head with dark eyes.  I would like a better bite.  Strong body with good coat.

1st  Jeddep Male Model - Robust and big male in size.  Strong head and dark eyes.  Correct bite.  With nice outline.  Excellent bones.  Good angulations and movement.
2nd  Ladamis Colonel Custard - Strong male with good head and eyes.  Lay on a short neck.  Strong bones with good topline.  Quite heavy on the move.

1st Amblesea Trailing Rose At Amblehay - Very strong puppy, with strong heae, dark eyes, good bite.  Correct topline with very good movement.
2nd Aryakas Ophelia At Mirene- A strong and big size puppy with very good pigmentation and good bite.  Very nice neck and body.  A little close on the moement as seen from behind.  I would prefer better hocks.

1st  Regalbliss Lady Of Mellowdee - Very strong, old fashion type female puppy with excellent proportions.  Strong head with good placed eyes.  Very strong muzzle with correct dentition and bite.  Nice and strong neck laid well back to the shoulders.  Compact and excellent balanced body.  Covered with good coat for its age.  With strong topline, excellent front and rear angulations.  Excellent and free movement with stabilized steps.  It is an excellent female which I believe will have a great future.
2nd  Millwinkie Moment In Time For Jeddep - A good female puppy with correct bite and very good pigmentation.  I would like a bigger and stronger skull. Also better neck and front angulations.  Quite close on the movement when viewed from the rear. 

1st  Cillastyle Ceecee Cookie - A big sized bitch with good head and good bite.  Strong body and good angulations.  I would prefer better neck and better movement.
2nd Gojolega Moonlight Minx  - Good head with correct biute.  Good topline and strong bones.  It is a little long in body.

1st Meldale Moon Dance Magic -Strong ead with correct bite.  Square body shape with very good topline and very good extended movement.
2nd  Bediveres Rockabella Of Mellowdee - Dark eyes.  I would prefer a stronger head and better angulations.  Good coat.  Good movement.

1st  Millwinkie Moment In Time For Jeddep - A good female puppy with correct bite and very good pigmentation.  I would like a bigger and stronger skull.  Longer neck and better front angulations.  Quie narrow on the back and light in movement. 

1st  Meisan Roly |poly Angelique  Strong skull with good pigment.  Good topline and coat.  Moved well.  Tail not to hocks.

1st.  Jeddep Katwalk Kikki At Ragglebarn - Very nice type female with good head.  Correct colour in the eyes and good pigment.  Very good topline, good coat with nice angulations.  Moving well.
2nd  Bracalgem Wish Upon A Star -  Good skull with good pigment.  Strong body with very good topline.  Good Movement.

1st Molyneux Mysterious Girl - Strong head with good proportions and dark eyes.  Nice dark eyes.  Good neck and body covered with very good coat.  Moving well.
2nd Macopa Blue Angel  - Strong and big in size bitch with very good coat texture.  Good head, dark eyes and correct bite. Needs to be more stabilized on the move.

1st   Brinkley Jonny's Girl With Kayellnjay  - Strong head with dark eyes and correct bite.  Robust body with correct proportions.  Moving well.
2nd  Beauvallon Sweetheart  - Nice proportions and correct head witg quite light eye colour.  I would like a better front angulation.  Very good coat texture.

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