August 4th 2013 125th Celebration Championship Show

                                                         JUDGES REPORT MRS CHRISTINE BARBER 

Firstly I have to thank the Committee of The Old English Sheepdog Club for inviting me to join the prestigous 125th Anniversary Show.   A very great honour and I really enjoyed the whole exerience.  A wonderful weekend.  Also my grateful thanks to the exhibitors many of whom had travelled great distances to show their dogs.  It made me feel very humble.  So many experienced judges and lovers of the breed were sitting ringside and I ws so happy to see them at the show, not only supporting me but also appreciating the very hard and dedicated work of the commitee.

Due to personal circumstances I had not been able to undertake judging for serveral  years or attend shows, so every dog was new to me.  I had not even followed show results and reports.  It was a wonderful entry and thee were many lovely dogs with the type that I was looking for, but far too many that lacked the necessary head properties.So  many lacking any stop, with flat skulls and no definition above the eys.  I was looking for the required capacious skull with defined stop and well arched above the eyes.  Many were also lacking in length of neck and layback of shoulder which resulted in wide fronts and poor front movemnet,  Generall body proportions were acceptable but I do like a compact body with a good rise to loin. I found good strength in hindquarters, food bone and when the muscle tone was present it showed in the movement,  This is a working breed and does need a lot of exercise to keep in tip top condition.  Presentation was generally good, but sometimes the exhibits were overhandled and some very over trimmed. 

Vet Dog or Bitch  (5)
1. Bradley Ch Hibray Jewel. Lovely bitch with well balanced feminine head and good bite.  Good reach of neck and front angulations.  Rounded ribcage, compact body and rising topline.  Strong hindquarters, moving well, Excellent coat colour and texture. 
2. Wuinson Meisan Moonlight Seerenade. Another super veteran with good head properties and pleasing body proportions.  Moved well, but not the coat texture or the winner. 

Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1 Steele. Irresistible Boy Of Reality Dream with Arthrug.  A pleasing youngster showing promise, Good bite. Dark eye colour and hed developing well. Sufficient reach of neck and good body proportions.  Strong hindquarters and moved soundly. 
2. L. Khan Macopa Simply Sensational Veery similar to the winner and has plenty of time to develop. 
3. Mr & Mrs Jefferies.  Macopa Snow Prince. 

Puppy Dog (2)
1.  Churcher & Tomes . Brinkley Viva Las Vegas. Lovely youngsyter with masculine head.  Good eye colour.  Compact in body and strong hindquarters.  Excellent    bone.  Needs time for coat to mature.  Moved well.
2. Jefferies.  Macopa Snow Prince. 

Junior Dog  (3)
1. Ciossins. Juvalyn King Arthur.  Impressive young dog with masculine head.  Super eye colour and pigmentation.  Sufficient reach of neck and front angulation.  Pleasing body proportions with rise to loin.  Strong hindquarters with super bone ad well muscled.  Moved very soundly.
2.  Oakes Gojolega Stargazer at Ambleoak. Another nice youngster, but not the muscle tone of the winner which was reflected in his movement. 
3. Brignal. Oldoak Grand Maser

Yearling Dog (2)
1. Schjoth and Nielsen Danish Delight Rasmux Rex. Loved this youngster.  So typical of the breed.  Very masculine head with dark eyes, good pigmentation and correct bite.  Good reach of neck with correct front angulation.  Compact in body with rising topline.  Excellet bone and muscle tone.  Super coat texture and moved so soundly.  Very sympathetically handled.
2. Nielson  Brinley Roccio,  Another immpressive youngster with super breed qualities and very masculine head.  A larger type who needs more time to mature and for his coat to clear. 

Limit Dog (9)
1. Hodgson and Brager Rankins. Jeddep Hairy Biker.  Loved this dog.  Very masculine head with dark eyes and good pigmentationn.  Super reach of neck and layback  of shoulder.  Deep rounded ribcage, compact body and good rise to loin.  Strong hindquarters and hocks.  Well musceled and strong free movement.  Well handled.
2. Palmers  Zottels Xceedingly Nice for Hazyland.  Another lovely male.  Everything  correct and coat coming on well.  Just needs to settle when moving. 

Open Dog (8)

1.  Crane-Duplock Mirene Austrian Affair.  A striking mature male.  Good head properties.  Wall eyed with good pigmentation.  Well arched neck with correct front angulation.  Deep compact body with rising loin.  Very strong hindquarters, good rear angulation.  Bone and muscle tone.  Lovelyy coat textuure and so sound and typical in his movement. Dog CC
2. Tomes Blueshire I'am Canadian with Brinkley.  Really liked him.  Very masculine head.  Good reach of neck and front angulation.  Pleasting body proportions and moved very strongly and freely.  Feel that he needs a little more time to fully mature Res Dog CC

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