Show Report By Mr Trevor Mills from 5th August 2018 Morning Open Show

                                                                    sunday 5th August Morning Open Show
                                                                              Critique from Mr Trevor Mills

May I say a big thank you to the committee for the opportunity to judge at their Open Show.  
To all exhibitors for supporting me and accepting my decision very sports man like. 
It was a super venue with a great atmosphere.  The dogs were all presented in a clean and well-groomed condition. 
A lot of the dogs lacked muscles, exercising is very important to body shape as well as stamina. 
It was a shame the veterans never made it so onto:

Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st Mr & Mrs Brewer - Mellowdee Class Act.  8 months old and very much a baby.  Excellent Head properties. with good bite and brown eyes.  Nice neck flowing into good shoulders.  Gentrle rise to loin and nice width of thigh.  Good Bone.  Moved OK Testicles present. 

Puppy Dog (2)
1st Mrs  Pullen, Rutland. Honky Tonk Blues for Meadowbears.  I loved everything about this boy from his nose to his stride.  111 months of age with good quality jacket.  Wall eyed with good pigment.  Good bite and strong muzzlwe.  Skull and stop.  Deep in brisket with nice shoulder placement.  Excellent rear angles and good width of thight.  Testicles present.  Good easy stride and should have a bright future I am sure.  Best Puppy and Reserve Best Dog. 
2. Mrs V Ms M Leggett Meldale Obsidian Moon.  Born on the same day as the 1st dog I noticed.  Good head properties with dark eyes and full pigment.  Good shoulders with gentle rise to loin.  Baby movement today not getting into his stride.  Testicles present. 

Junior Dog (3) 
1st Mrs Pullen, Rutland - Honky Tonk Blues for Meadowbears. 
2nd Mr Roberts Molyneux Love Me Do 14 mths old.  This chap had good bone and width of thigh but was very erratic on the move.  Testicles Present. 

Limit Dog (1)
1st Mr P Khan - Macopa Simply Sensational. 3 1/2 years of age.  Good Jacket covering Good Bone.  Deep brisket and gentle rise to loin.  Strong Skulo and Muzzle.  Dark eyes.  Moved OK.  Testicles present. 

Open Dog (4)
1st Mr &  D Oakes -Ch Gojolega Stargazer At Ambleoak.   6 yers old and still wants to show.  A good honest dog.  Wall eyed with good pigment.  Good skull. Muzzle and bite.  Good Neck. and nice layback of shoulders.  Gentle rise to loin with deep brisket.  Good quality jacket and movement although a touch close behind.  Testicles present. Best Dog. 
2nd Mr & Mrs T Steele - Int. Fr Ch Irresistible Boy of Reality Dream with  Arthrugh (imp)  6 years old with good head and expression.  Dark eyes and pigment.  Strong on make and shape.  Reasonable jacket. Moved OK. Testicles present. 

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)
1st Mrs J Wilkinson - Kalaju Klassicly Klassy. 8  1/2 months. Stood alone but worthy of her 1st place.  Nice Shape with good movement.  Lovely head. Good Skull. Muzzle and bite.  Dark eyes with pigment.  Good bone deep brisket and gentle rise to loin.  Moved steady. 

Puppy Bitch (4)
1st Miss S Deakin Holanja Goody Two Shoes at Darwillow.  10 1/2 months she caught my eye as she entered the ring and never let me down.  Super jacket covering excellent bone and angles.  Lovely width of thigh good shoulders and deep in brisket.  Good head qualities in skull, stop muzzle and bite.  Two lovely dark eyes with fuol pigment giving a lovely expression.  Moved Well. 
2nd Mrs J Joice  Raynham Good Day Sunshine.  1day older and another quality puppy.  Lost out to my 1st on coat quality, all other qualities were equal.
3rd Mrs V & Ms M Leggett. Meldale Diamond Moon.

Junior Bitch (2)
1st Mr & Mrs D Palmer Hazylands Cheeky Girl. 14 months and another bitch that caught my eye on entering the ring.  Excellent head qualities.  Good bite. and dark eyes.  Good neck leading on to good shoulders. Deep in brisket.  Good width of thigh, nice bone with quality jacket.  Moved OK.  Would prefer more muscle tone. 
2nd Mrs Robertson Hickorstix Keep The Faith. Almost 17 months. A larger type but all points again the same.  Excellent in jacket but unfortunately the 1st filled my eye. 

Yearling Bitch (1)
Dr & Mrs S Winson. Allhart Angelic Roly Poly of Meisan.  This young girl moved well.  Nice quality jacket of good colour and texture.  Nice skull and stop, muzzle and bite.  Dark eyes with excellent pigment.  Nice neck flowing onto good lay of shoulder over a deep brisket, Gentle rise to loin 

Post Graduate Bitch (3)
1st Mr & mrs I Crane-Duplock. Shaggy Blue Bobs way To go with Mirene JW. A nice foursquare standing bitch.  Dark eyes and pigment with a good bite.  Well off for bone with nice angles front and rear.  Good width of thigh.  Jacket coming.  Moved well. 
2nd Dr & Mrs S Winson. Jandoes Crystl Sparkles at Meisan. A larger type but altogether.  This young lady hd the best muscles of the day.  Good quality jacket although changing at the moment.  Moved Well.

Limit Bitch (3)
1st Mrs C Naismith. Zottels Honeymoon at Shaggybo Sh Ch. What a cracker. 4th animal today that made me ingle.  Excellent Jacket and gorgeous colour.  She was the best mover of the day.  Going and coming and gait.  Excellent width of thigh, super angles front and rear.  Good bone. deep brisket Good head properties and excellent dentition. Moved to perfection and presented well.  Best Bitch and Best In Show. 
2nd Mr & Mrs D Oakes Bovaron Charisma at Ambleoak. Stood 2nd to an excellent bitch.  There are some things I would prefer about her but my 2nd favourite.  Although she moves well she moves like a thug.  Far too fast.  Albeit these two will change places on many occasions. 
3rd Mrs  T,Gould. Sutranzo Moments of Magic 

Open Bitch (1)
Dr A Hodgson. Obsession Aus Dem Elbe Urstromtal at Ragglebarn.  Nice Size Bitch.  Lovely Head, Dark Eyes and pigment.  Good bite and muzzle.  Good rear angles and moved well.  Coat to finish. 


Trevor Mills (Judge)

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