Old English Sheepdog Club 5th August afternoon Show 5th August Sarah Windsor

                                                 THE OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG CLUB AFTERNOON SHOW 
                                                         5TH AUGUST 2018    SARAH WINDSOR - JUDGE

The Old English Sheepdog Club Open Show (afternoon show) 05.08.18.  Firstly I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for their kind invitation to judge at this show and for the warm welcome and lovely atmosphere.  Also a big thank you to all those who entered their dogs under me and to my ring stewards for the efficient runing of the ring.  Despite showing inside with overhead fans it was extremely hot for both dogs and exhibitors. 

MPD (2)
1st Mr Mr & Mrs J Brewer  Mellowdee Class Act. 7 months with plenty of bone for his age.  Square head with 2 dark eyes and correct bite.  Gentlre rise to loin.  He was very unsettled on the move. 

PD (2)
1st Mrs L Pullen, Rutland & Porter Honky Tonk Blues for Meadowbears.  11 month puppy with nice square outline.  Good head with 2 dark pigmented eyes.  Good stop and correct bite.  Nice length of neck leading into neat shoulders and a gentle rising top line.  Coat advanced for his age.  Moved well. (BPD)
2nd Mrs V & Ms M Leggett Meldale Obsidian Moon. Another 11 month puppy well boned with good depth of brisket.  Crisp coat which is changing nicely.  Correct top line and nice bend of stifle.  Moved well from the rear but a little loose on the front. 

JD (4)
1st Mrs P Mills  Royal Croft Jeffrey to Kerjalee (imp)  This young man caught my eye as he entered the ring.  Excellent head properties, 2 dark pigmented eyes, good stop, scissor bite, strong jaw.  Sper length of neck into well laid shoulders flowing into a gentle rise to his loin.  Well boned, muscled and good angulation.  Profuse cler junior coat.  Moved with extension and drive showing off his low set white hocks BD & RBIS
2nd  Mrs L Pullen Rutland & Porter Honky Tonk Blues for Meadowbears. 
3rd Mrs S Roberts Molyneux Love Me Do. 

LD (1)
1st Mr P Khan. Macopa Simply Sensational.  Square outline with ample bone.  2 dark pigmented eys in capacious skull. Good neck and gentle rising top line.  Clear crisp coat.  Moved with ease around the ring. 

OD (2)
1st Mr & Mrs D Oakes Ch Gojolega Stargazer Am Ambleoak.  Mature boy with strong squre skull, wall eye with full pigment.  Arched neck into well placed shoulders.  Good spring of rib and depth of brisket.  Profuse coat of good texture.  Moved well once he settled RBD
Mr & Mrs T Steele Int. #Fr. Ch. Irresistible Boy of Reality Dream with Arthrug.  Smaller boy but nice square outline.  Good neck and shoulders.  Short coupled and well boned for his size.  Moved well for his handler. 

MPB (2)
1st Mrs J Wilkinson Kalaju Klassicly Klassy. Feminine 8 months baby with sweet expression.  Good head with 2 dark eyes. Correct bite and good stop.  Lovely length of neck, straight front and depth of brisket. Neat shoulders and correct rise.  Her movement gave her the edge in the challenge to award her BPB & BPIS.
Mrs Wheelers Makaylen Miss Money Penny.  7 month pretty femine baby with dark puigmented eyes and scissor bite.  Excellent length of neck flowing into a gently rising top line.  Nice bend of stifle and neat low set white ocks.  Not as short coupled as 1 and a little unsettled on the move today. 

PB (3)
1st Mrs JJoice Raynham Good Day Sunshine. A very nice cobby puppy,well presented as always.  Lovely head with well pigmented wall eye.  Good sop and scissor bite. Enough neck into well laid shoulders and correct rise.  Good bone and depth of brisket.  Nice angulation.  Unfortunately she let herself down on the move in the challenge. 
2nd Mrs & Ms Leggett Meldale Diamond Moon. Another femine puppy.  Head correct for age with 2 dark eyes and correct bite. Compact square outline with good bone.  Straight front and nice depth of brisket.  Coat changing nicely with a good break.  Moved freely round the ring. 
3rd Mr & Mrs P Khan Jacopa Flash Dance.

JB (2)
1st Mrs S Robertson Hickorystix Keep The Faith. Bigger type but what a lovely outline and so well presented by the owner.  Lovely head properties, well boned and deep in brisket.  Good anagulation and gentle rise to top line.  Lovely clear junior coat.  Moved with drive around the ring.
2nd Mr & Mrs M Palmer Hazylands Cheeky Girl Nice sized feminine young lady.  Good head, length of neck into well placed shoulders, well off for bone with nice depth of brisket.  Correct top line, Crisp coat changing nicely.  These two could easily change places but 1 had the edge on the movement on the day.

1st Dr & Mrs S Winson Allhart Angelic Roly Poly of Meisan. 1 Last had my hands on this young lady when she was 6 months and she is maturing so wel.  Feminine, nice size, good head with, 2 pigmented wall eyes/  Good stop and scissor bite.  Good angulation front and rear.  Lovely reach of neck, good depth of brisket.  Lovely break to her well textured jacket.  Well muscled and she moved with ease around the ring which greatly contributed to her award of RBB

PGB (3)
1st Mr & Mrs I Crane-Duplock Shaggyblue Bobs Way to Go With Mirene (imp)  Nice square outline to this young lady.  Good Skull with 2 dasrk eyes and correct bite.  Excellent reach of neck into neat shoulders and straight front.  Short coupled, rising top line, nice bend of stifle and low set hocks.  I'm sure she has a bright future.
2nd Dr & Mrs S Winson Jandoes Cristal Sparkles at Meisan.  Larger type bitch but still very feminine.  Square profile with strong head properties.  Nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good dept of brisket and gentle rise to top line.  Good angulation, moved steadily.  Coat changing but correct for her age.  I'm sue thees two could easily swap places. 

LB (4)
1st Mrs P Mills Kerjalee She Has Her Moments. Well she had her moment on the day! Another quality bitch from this kennel, perfectly presented.  Feminine, compact , pear shaped when viewed from above. Lovely expression in an excellent head with all correct propereties .  Nice arched neck into well placed shoulders.  Correct angles front and rear.  Well sprung ribs and good depth of brisket.  Profuse coat of crisp texture.  Lovely bend of stifle and low set hocks.  Moved freely with exrension and drive. so deserving of BB & BIS.
2nd Mr & Mrs D Oakes Bovaron Charisma At Ambleoak. Love her shape and type, square cobby girl.  Swuare head with 2 dark pigmented eyes, good stop and bite.  Neck well arched into well placed shoulders.  Good bone and depth of brisket.  Clear coat of good texture with a nice break.  Pushed hard for RBB but was unsettled and let herself down on her movemnet in the challenge.
3rd Mrs C Naismith Zottles Honey Moon at Shaggybo (Sh Ch)

OB (1)
1st Dr A Hodgson Obsession Aus Dem Elbe Urstromtal at Ragglebarn. Compact young lady with nice overall shape.  2 dark eyes giving her a soft expression.  Short coupled with nice angulation front and rear.  Enough neck leading into correct top line.  Good bend of stifle and low set white hocks.  Well presented and moved streadily round the ring. 

Sarah Windsor (judge)

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