April 2011

Open Show Results and Critiques

3rd April 2011

Held at Bradfield, Nr Reading

The Old English Sheepdog Club held an open show at Bradfield, Nr Reading, Berks where BIS was Valleydell Jezebel, a glamorous bitch just starting to come into full bloom. RBIS was the veteran bitch Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade. Mythanks go to the officers and committee of the Club for asking me to judge their show and to all those that exhibited their dogs. The entry was good for a club open show and I was pleased that the absentee rate was low. The overall quality of the dogs was good. I have certainly seen an improvement in eye colour over the last couple of years. In the main presentation and handling, however, quite a few dogs were shown with dirty teeth. Although we were inside, I was able to assess movement as the ring was a good size and most of the dogs coped well with the surface. There were a number of dogs who were carrying too much weight especially over their shoulders, please be wary of this as it does affect their movement.

Judge: Mrs Terri Reed

Best Dog : Molyneux Smooth Operator

Best Bitch & Best In Show: Valleydell Jezebel

Best Puppy In Show: Brinkley Rockafella

Res Best Dog: Krisendaw King Edward of Hurstbank

Res Best Bitch & Res Best In Show: Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade

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 BIS - Valleydell Jezebel with owner Leila Bull and Judge Mrs Terri Reed

Class 1 Veteran Dog or Bitch(3,2)
1st. Winson's Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade. One that I have judged before who has just turned 7 years old. Lovely all round bitch who continues to be able to compete with the younger dogs and still exhibiting that fantastic effortless movement I love to see on a bobtail. Good head properties, excellent pigmentation and well off for bone. Presented in excellent condition and her all round conformation and movement gave her the edge over the BD. Res Best Bitch & Res Best In Show

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (2,1)
1st. Tomes' Brinkley Rockafella. I really liked this youngster, nearly 10 months old with a good square outline. Super mouth, strong muzzle and correct bite, 2 brown eyes with good pigment and an excellent square skull. Good front with an excellent reach of neck and well sprung ribcage. Strong back end with neat hocks, topped with a profuse coat changing nicely for age. Moved steadily for one so young, what a happy boy. PD & BPIS

Class 3 Puppy Dog (2)
Two quality boys and a difficult decision.

1st. Willis' Bovaron Just William. Big upstanding young dog with good outline and well off for bone and with super head properties. Good reach of neck leading into well laid back shoulders and lovely tight front. Excellent bend of stifle with neat hocks. Harsh and very profuse coat, carrying a little bit of brown but forgave this as he is only young and his coat is changing. Moved steadily and just needs more time to mature into his large frame.

2nd. Harris' Beauvallon Apollo. Smaller type boy with two brown eyes and excellent pigment, good length of neck leading into clean #& correctly angled shoulders. His jacket was advanced and had a lovely break to it. Well angulated hind quarters. Nice mover just needs to tighten up on his front. Lots to like about this young man but preferred masculinity of my winner.

Class 4 Junior Dog (3,2)
1st Taylor & Woods' Shingdeka Darkest Peru At Bumblebob. 15 month with large capacious head, substantial dog who shows promise, short coupled with strong rear end. Wealth of grey coat with an excellent break. Played up a little when on the move so was difficult, at times, to assess his movement but did eventually settle. Would like to swee a bit more neck and better shoulder angulation to balance the picture.

Class 5 Novice Dog (2)
1st. Willis' Bovaron Just William. Preferred the front and shoulder of my winner

2nd. Taylor & Woods' Shingdeka Darkest Peru at Bumblebob.

Class 6 Special Yearling Dog (1)
1st. Deskiewicz's Mellowdee Man In The Mirror. Smaller type with lovely square outline and good bone for size. 2 brown eyes with full pigment and lovely square skull. Very short coupled with harsh texture to his coat, changing nicely for his age. Liked this boy's back end with good bend of stifle and low set hocks. Was a steady mover but another who needs to tighten up on his front.

Class 7 Graduate Dog (0)

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog (0)

Class 9 Limit Dog (1)
1st Cheshire's Molyneux Smooth Operator. I have judged this boy before and he is maturing nicely. Excellent head properties and correctly angualted shoulders, straight front and well off for bone. Good bend of stifle, all topped by a harsh dark jacket. He was carrying a little too much weight and this cost him the RBIS. Best Dog.

Class 10 Open Dog (2)
1st Willis' Krisendaw King Edward of Hurstbank. Another I have judged before. Good mouth and broad width of skull. Strong rise to loin, compact dog but coat texture let him down today. Moved with a powerful and effortless front and hind action, displaying good reach and drive. Reserve Best Dog.

2nd Smart's Macopa Dark Storm. Strong head properties with 2 brown fully pigmented eyes, arched neck leading into well angulated shoulders, elbows could be tighter. Stood four square topped with a harsh grey jacket. Movement let him down today as he did not have the strength and reach in his front movement. 


Class 11 Minor Puppy Bitch (1)
1st. Rutland's Mellowdee Hot N'Spicy. Raw young girl of 7 month with the deepest brown eyes. Well arched neck leading into correctly angulated shoulders and a lovely rising topline. Body and head needs to develop but time is on her side. Hard to assess her movement as playing up slightly, just needs more time.

Class 12 Puppy Bitch (3,1)
1st. Castle's Molyneux Mysterious Girl. Very appealing young lady who was well boned, compact and cobby with excellent head properties, good strong square jaw, clean shoulders and tight elbows. Good hindquarters with a wealth of excellent grey coat.

2nd. Cheshire's Molyneux She's The One. Litter sister to my winner and similar comments apply. Coat changing at a slightly slower rate. Just preferred the front and shorter coupling of her sister.

Class 13 Junior Bitch (2)
1st. Crane-Duplock's Mirene Honky Tonk Angel. Real little sweetie, so very short, had the best neck and rise of the day. Good bite and well prooortioned head for size. Coat changing and just needs to clear as she was carrying a bit of brown but forgave this as she is only young and this should come as she matures. Well handled. 

2nd Rutland's Mellowdee Miss Magical. Larger type of bitch and another with excellent neck, front and shoulders. Everything in the right place just needs tome to mature and body up

Class 14 Novice Bitch (0)

Class 15 Special Yearling Bitch (1,1)

Class 16 Graduate Bitch (1,1)

Class 17 Post Graduate Bitch (2)
1st. Harris' Beauvallon Sweetheart. Nice sized girl with excellent neck and shoulders and lovely spring of rib and good depth to her brisket. Has a good rise to loin topped with a lovely coat with the correct break just needs more profuseness to finish the picture. Moved well with great front extension.

2nd Quinlan's Valleydell Jasmine. Larger bitch with lots to like and especially loved her head markings and expression. Great head properties and another who excelled in front. Slightly longer in body than my winner and not quite the rise to loin. 

Class 18 Limit Bitch (2)
This was a hard decision as both were lovely bitches.
1st. Bull's Valleydell Jezebel. This well presented bitch has matured nicely since I last judged her. Smaller type of bitch and ultra feminine whilst still retaining excellent subsrtance. Good head properties. 2 well pigmented dark brown eyes giving a typical bobtail expression. Well arched neck with excellent shoulder placement, a good rising topline and short coupled. Correct bend of stifle and low set hocks. Profuse coat of excellent quality which is still changing and needs a little more time but is maturing nicely. Moved steadily and soundly front and bacl. Good to see a well muscled back end. Best Bitch and Best In Show

2nd. Powell's Pouchymo Pins and Needles. This one is a real sweetie, with excellent head properties, loved her head markings giving her an appealing expression. Lovely arched neck leading into well angulated shoulders with an excellent spring of rib. Was moving a little close today and just needs more density of coat to finish the picture.

Class 19 Open Bitch (4,1)
1st Torres' Bluebelle De Ronda Sweet Dreams. Larger type with sound all round conformation. Excellent reach of neck with wel sprung ribs and very short coupled. Very dark coat with good texture but needs more in length and profuseness to give a better all round finish. Really liked her square outline, shown  and presented to perfection.

2nd. Wakefield's Hibray Jasmin At Forest Belle. Pretty bitch, with 2 brown fully pigmented eyes. Good spring of rib and neat hocks. Excellent coat in texture and colour just preferred the substance and shorter coupling of my winner.

3rd. Steele's Arthrug Upon A Sunbeam. 

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