August 2011

Champ Show Results and Critiques

7th August 2011

Judge: Mrs Della Oakes (Oldoak)

Dog CC & Res Best In Show: Gillijen Roller

Bitch CC & Best In Show: Ch Brinkley Sofia of Raynham JW

Best Puppy In Show: Bracalgem Wish Upon A Star

Best Veteran: Ch & Aust Ch Henely Dancing Belle (Imp)

Res Dog CC: Aryakas Ikaros At Noggybanks

Res Bitch CC: Pouchymo Pins And Needles

Res Best Puppy: Macopa Blue Angel 

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 BIS - Ch Brinkley Sofia of Raynham JW and owner Jenny Joice

I would like to thank the committee and my helpful stewards Jill and Lynn, also exhibitors for their entry and the sporty way they took my decisions. The breed on a whole is quite good. I think we are producing too many light eyes, they were quite dominant inb the breed today. The breed standard calls for dark brown or wall eye.

Class 1 Veteran (1,0)
1st Roswell & Tobias' Ch & aust Ch Henley Dancing Belle (Imp) - I have judged this bitch before, she is still in excellent condition and still moves well. Can still worry the best.

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (0)
No entries

Class 3 Puppy Dog (0,0)
No entries

Class 4 Junior Dog (1,0)
1st Harris' Beauvallon Apollo - nice shape boy with good head, neck and shoulders, nice rear angulations. Would like more drive on rear. I would like to see him move outside.

Class 5 Yearling Dog (1,0)
1st - Taylor & Woods' - Shingdeka Dairkest Peru at Bumblebob - big upstanding dog, good head and plenty of bone. Nice rear, coat good in colour and texture with nice break, moved well.

Class 6 Novice Dog (0)
No entries.

Class 7 Graduate Dog (0)
No entries.

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog (4,0)
1st Powell's Pouchymo I'm No Pushover - good head, nice shoulders, good spring of ribs, nice rear angulations, moved a little close.

2nd Cossins' Wilbamil War Of The Worlds - good head and shoulders, nice conformation, good rear, coat good, moved ok.

3rd Haynes & Musgrove's Brinkley We will Rock You.

Res Laybourne & Johnson's Mellowdee The Magician In Dominoesdale ShCM.

Class 9 Limit Dog (5,0)
1st Kanales, Backhouse & Bushell's Aryakas Ikaros At Noggybanks - super young dog, good conformation, mass of good coat, moved well when settled, good head, enough neck, strong muzzle, good mouth, nice rear with lovely little hocks. Pleased to award him RCC.

2nd Reed & Thulborn's Charmlea Blue Moon - another sound dog of good conformation when settled, good break in coat which was absent in a lot today.

3rd Georgion's Jeddep Male Model.

Res Jones' Wenallt Wonder Why.

VHC Smart's Macopa Dark Storm.

Class 10 Open Dog (5,1)
1st Coggins' Gillijen Roller - upstanding dog with massive head, strong muzzle, good mouth, two lovely dark eyes, nice reach of neck and square body, good shoulders, nice bend of stifle, neat hocks. Well deserved CC.

2nd Duffin-Penney & Penney's Ch Longdorham Follow The Dream - another upstanding male, preferred shoulders & head of 1st, pushed hard for 1st but he has lost some coat since I last saw him but he is still young and coat still

3rd Huggan's Mirene What's It All About At Jazziespad.

Res Rutland's Mellowdee Major Tom.

Class 11 Minor Puppy Bitch (4,1)
1st Evans' Bracalgem Wish Upon A Star - sweet bitch, good head and mouth, nice muzzle, good length of neck, nice shoulders and nice rear end with neat hocks. Best Puppy.

2nd Prentice's Zottels Wish Upon A Star - nice bitch, good head with 2 blue eyes, nice steady mover.

3rd Wakefield's Forestbelle Dreamboat

Class 12 Puppy Bitch (5,0)
1st Evans' Bracalgem Wish Upon A Star.

2nd Khan's Macopa Blue Angel - very forward bitch, advanced in coat of good texture, pushed hard for 1st place, has all the attributes of 1st

3rd Benfield's Macopa Georgie Girl.

Res Prentice's Zottels Wish Upon A Star

VHC Jones' Hillndale Bit O'Honey

Class 13 Junior Bitch (6,0)
1st Mills & Gould's Kerjalee Makes The Moments For Sutranzo - lovely sound bitch in super coat, two dark eyes, good head and neck, good shoulders, short coupled, sound rear, moved well.

2nd Jones & Harris' Beauvallon Artemis With Amityoak - loved this bitch, pushed 1st hard, very close to above, moved well.

3rd Sharp's Brackenhome Bluebell

Res Castle's Molyneux Mysterious Girl

VHC Gradwell's Mellowdee Short NSweet For Mykornos

Class 14 Yearling Bitch (2,0)
1st Crane-Duplock & Duplock's Mirene Honky Tonk Angel - small bitch but has all attributes of the breed, coat is her downfall at the moment, needs to clear.

2nd Crane-Duplock, Duplock & Duffin-Penney's Mirene High Class Baby - litter sister to 1st, thought she would be the winner but although a bigger bitch has not as much underneath her, both moved well. 

Class 15 Novice Bitch (4,1)
1st Evans' Bracalgem Wish Upon A Star

2nd Crane-Duplock, Duplock & Duffin-Penney's Mirene High Class Baby

3rd Khan's Macopa Blue Angel

Class 16 Graduate Bitch (4,2)
1st Crane-Duplock, Duplock & Duffin-Penney's Mirene High Class Baby

2nd Sculthorpe's Greyfell Dance Again - good head & shoulders, good coat, was close on the move.

Class 17 Post Graduate Bitch (2,1)
1st Harris & Grover's Beauvallon Sweetheart - and she is. Good head, strong muzzle, good neck and shoulders. Short compact body, good rear angulation, neat hocks, stood four square and moved soundly.

Class 18 Limit Bitch (6,0)
1st Powell's Pouchymo Pins And Needles - old type bitch with dark head markings, super expression, lovely head, neck and shoulders, 2 dark brown eyes, good rear angulations, neat little hocks which she used to drive her round the ring. RCC

2nd Bull's Valleydell Jezebel - this bitch has come on has turned into a lovely sound bitch, lots to like about her, moved well.

3rd Palmer's Hightea aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Over Hazyland (Imp)

Res Millward's Wilbamil Worlds Apart

VHC Gaines' Charmlea First Embrace`

Class 19 Open Bitch (4,0)
1st Joice's Ch Brinkley Sofia Of Raynham JW - worthy Ch in super coat and condition. I cannot say any more that has been said about this lady. She took a little to settle on the move but when she did she moved well. CC and BOB.

2nd Spurling's Ch Kalaju Sweet As Kandi For Dantrecar JW - one I have admired from the ringside, was not disappointed in her. She has a super head, nice neck and shoulders, good rear with neat hocks. I thought she would be my RCC but on the final move the limit winner just out-moved her.

3rd Steele's Arthrug Upon a Sunbeam

Res Churcher & Tomes' Brinkley Peggy Sue

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